We uses cutting edge CNC lathe to achieve precision cutting capability and high efficiency in large parts turning. Out of the 7 CNC lathes we have, 3 of the largest ones, model 12700(m), can function with max turning diameter at Ø450mm, max turning length at 650mm, with chuck size Ø12”/Ø15”(opt)/Ø18”(opt), and Z-axis travel up to 700mm.
  • CNC Machinery
    We understand that CNC Machinery is essential, so we only chose to use the high quality model; Model 1200 has 1200X610X610(mm) X, Y, Z-axis travel, carrying 24 tools arm type magazine, with 8000 rpm belt-drive spindle, and uses BT40 spindle taper.
  • CNC Milling Machine
    Our milling machine takes on precision and quality to the next level, with one of the most advanced CNC milling machine; it is able to process those that are non-standard irregular parts.
  • Knurling
    In order to meet the demands of our clients, our 4 high quality knurling machines are operate by our skillful technicians, with the max diameter at 800mm, and each carries 8 dies, we are able to not only meet the quantity, but also the quality.
  • Stamping
    We carry 7 high precision punch press, they are able to meet clients’ needs in different customized molds; as for now, we limit our maximum punch at 250 tons.
  • CNC Turret Punch Press
    As the world advance, CNC technology has become essential, with this state of the art CNC turret punch press we have, we are able to meet all complicated shapes demands.
  • Press Brakes
    By using a revolution of press brake concept machine (patented), we are sure to know that our clients would not only love our products, but also each corner and bending point of it. Max thickness at 3mm and max length at 2.5m.
  • Robot Welding
    As for welding, we not only see this as a process, but an art. Our welding needs to be precision, quick, and beauty; therefore, we imported 3 robots originated from Japan directly, and its maximum process diameter is 2 m.